Deloitte the beneficiary of fairway friendship

In Rollover’s view, few people have a better understanding of group life than Geoff McRae and it seems that he’s not slowing down.

McRae left his long-time gig at actuarial research house, Rice Warner, in early October but contrary to the expectations of some and the rumours of others, he did not immediately down tools and head for the golf course. Rather, the silver-haired McRae simply changed employers – turning up working with Russell Mason at Deloitte.

Given the complexities which are likely to confront superannuation funds as they seek to adjust to the code of conduct surrounding life insurance within 
superannuation, Rollover reckons Deloitte may have made a very astute decision particularly as it looks to round-out its consulting offering.

Of course, those of a golfing persuasion will know that McRae and Mason have more than superannuation in common – they are frequently seen golfing in the same group at Sydney’s Roseville Golf Club where they each exhibit a swing style best described as “unique”.

Rollover reckons both men have a detailed knowledge of the flaws in each other’s game and, perhaps more 
importantly, the flaws in competitors’ strategies.

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