All aboard the crypto train

Now that crypto investing is mainstream, with Rest Super announcing it will put a portion of its funds into it, Rollover wonders whether his grandkids will think he is hip when he shows them his crypto balance in his new digital wallet.

Rollover thought it was a good time to invest in crypto after coming into a bit of cash from this year’s tax return, which was higher than last year’s on account of his new negatively-geared investment properties.

After becoming jealous from seeing a friend bragging about his crypto gains on Facebook, Rollover decided to not pester his grandkids about how to invest in crypto, instead opting to ask for advice from his new “hey Google” machine.

You see, Rollover likes to think of himself as somewhat of a tech connoisseur – within his cohort at least.

Down the crypto rabbit hole Rollover went, spending an afternoon working out how to verify his identity on the crypto exchange his Google machine directed him to.

After failing to verify his account because he couldn’t find his Medicare card, Rollover ended up begrudgingly asking his peacocking friend how he got his crypto.

“Your grandson – are you serious?” Rollover exclaimed. 

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