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Christine Swanson - Director
Prominent Financial Services

If you are not in the financial advice business to help others, you probably should be working in a different area, according to the winner of the Money Management and Super Review Women in Financial Services Pro Bono Award.

Having witnessed the impact financial stress can have on those suffering with serious illnesses, Prominent Financial Services director, Christine Swanson, aims to put her skills to good use.

Earlier this year, Swanson established Prominent Pro Bono, to actively seek out pro bono cases, and within weeks had received an endorsement from Disability South Australia, to provide advice to its clients.

"My main drive has come from watching family and loved ones struggle through the devastation and wide effects of cancer.

"I just want to alleviate people's suffering, so this is one way that I can help: when people are going through financial hardship I can use my expertise in helping them," she said.

"It's very rewarding, and I probably get more satisfaction from it than the relief people receive when you can show them all these different ways of being able to help them and relieve the financial stress.

"If you're not in this business to help people and think of your client first and foremost… you're in the wrong business."

The wellbeing of others was also on the mind of Swanson's fellow finalist, MetLife's Elizabeth Rodley, who has been a driving force behind the insurer's ‘Culture of Health'.

Rodley was a key driver of building MetLife's rehabilitation service offering.

While the passion for improving financial literacy among disadvantaged Australians made Triple A Financial Services' Liz Trotter another standout nominee in the Pro Bono category.


Elizabeth Rodley - Senior rehabilitation & early intervention consultant

Liz Trotter - Partner and financial adviser
Triple A Financial Services

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