Helping people drives Viskovic



Sue Viskovic - Managing director 
Elixir Consulting 

A passion for helping colleagues to develop their professional skills and find satisfaction in their work has been a common feature among the Women in Financial Services Mentor of the Year nominees. 

Elixir Consulting managing director, Sue Viskovic, scooped the award, with her drive to help advisers provide good advice, while also finding happiness in their work, making her stand out. 

"I'm really passionate about really good quality advice," she said. 

"I've seen so many different examples of people who are wanting to do the right thing, but may have been trained or may have had their career in the old-school way of delivering product advice, and I see the quality of good strategic advice and personal advice as just so powerful, so I really wanted to set my whole career around helping people in that. 

"I [also] have a passion for helping people achieve what they want in life, [because] life's too short, I see too many people in jobs that they don't enjoy or are not achieving what they want out of, and if I can help them be a bit happier that gives me a great buzz." 

While those who nominated finalist, JBS Financial Strategists founder, Jenny Brown, highlighted her willingness to catch up with people she has mentored and offer assistance, as a key characteristic that made her a leading mentor. 

Wealthaxis owner, Mikel Guyetsky, said, "I have been lucky to be mentored by Jenny just being around her makes me feel uplifted knowing I am heading in the right direction and have such a wonderful person in my corner. 

Avant Garde Financial director, Kharen Kaleda, was also praised for her "single-handily created a mentoring program to match mentors to mentees on an individual basis to help find those most suitable for each other," through the Count Women in Advice Member Committee.


Jenny Brown - Founder and chief executive officer 
JBS Finanical Strategists 

Kharen Kaleda - Director and financial planning specialist 
Avant Garde Financial 

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