Why super represented a solid investment in 2019

Superannuation continues to be a solid investment option according to the latest data released by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) which has revealed the annual industry-wide rate of return for the year ending December, 2019, was 13.8%.

The data, contained within APRA’s December quarter release, revealed the five-year average annual rate of return to December 2019 was 7.1%

The regulator’s data revealed that over the December quarter, total assets increased by 1.7% or $36.2 billion to $2.2 trillion, and that as at the end of the period 51.4% of the $1.9 trillion investments were invested in equities, with 25.3% in international listed equities, 22% in Australian equities and 4.1% in unlisted equities.

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It said fixed income and cash investments accounted for 30.9% of investments, with 21.3% in fixed income and 9.5% in cash, while property and infrastructure accounted for 14.3% of investments while other assets including hedge funds and commodities accounted for 3.4%.

The data revealed that industry funds had amongst the lowest allocations to fixed income and cash while retail funds had a higher exposure to equities.

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