VicSuper a smoke free zone with new tobacco pledge

VicSuper is reaffirming its commitment to a tobacco-free investment portfolio for World No Tobacco Day, honouring its policy decision from 2013.

VicSuper joined forces with other global investors to sign a statement on tobacco which congratulated the World Health Organisation (WHO) for its control of the plant and the measures taken globally to lower tobacco consumption.

“VicSuper’s investment portfolio has been tobacco free since April 2013 when the VicSuper Board resolved to divest the fund of tobacco manufacturing stocks,” chief executive, Michael Dundon said.

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“The board made this decision by weighing up the potential gains and risks for members, their superannuation holdings and the broader community, both now and in the long-term.”

VicSuper has also signalled its support of the Tobacco Free Portfolio initiative which aimed to inform, prioritise and advance tobacco-free investment portfolios across the globe.

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