NGS Super signs ACSI Stewardship Code

NGS Super has committed to responsible investing by voluntarily signing the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors’ (ACSI) Stewardship Code.

The Code was designed to increase the transparency and accountability of stewardship activities in Australia and provides guidance to asset owners.

Signatories were obliged to publish a Stewardship Statement on their website to illustrate how they intend to comply with its core principles of disclosure, company engagement, financial system advocacy, exercising voting rights, and monitoring of asset managers.

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NGS Super chief executive, Laura Wright, said she believed the principles of the code would protect super members and enhance its long-term value. She said the fund already regularly engaged with fund managers on issues such as responsible investing, human right and gender equality.

“Promoting sustainable value-creation in all companies that NGS Super invests in is of utmost importance, especially in order to give our members the best retirement outcome.

“We believe we can exercise our ownership rights to further protect and enhance long-term value for members and the approach of the Code and its six principles are complementary to the nature, objective and purpose of superannuation.

“For the fund, disclosure is a key focus that allows investors to better understand, evaluate and assess potential risk and return.”

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