New director for UniSuper

Big academic industry fund, UniSuper has announced a new appointment to its board – Macquarie University director of human resources, Nicole Gower.

The fund announced that Gower’s appointment had been approved by the UniSuper annual general meeting along with the reappointment of current board members Stephen Somogyi, Grahame McCulloch and Neville Kitchen.

It said Gower was replacing Dr Susan Gould who had retired from the board after serving three terms.

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Commenting on the appointment, UnisSuper chairman, Ian Martin said Gower brought sound knowledge of the technicalities of superannuation, having served on two other super fund boards.

“She understands the employment, taxation and trust deed aspects as well as the specific and unique needs of universities and employees at a strategic and practical level,” he said.

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Hi, just a big downvote for UniSuper from me. Due to work related stress I retired early and over a period of two years drew down my super paying the required tax because I was under 60. I recently received a massive tax bill from the ATO who discovered that UniSuper had not with-held tax on all of my withdrawals only some of them. I had no idea this had happened until I received the bill. The ATO has been through the account and seen where they failed to withhold tax. I have been in touch with them and they advised me to put everything in writing and submit it to the complaints section which I did several months ago but I have heard nothing. Hugely unimpressed by this and will never recommend UniSuper to anyone. Just FYI! They have messed things up for me big time. Paul

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