Laurels shared in Heron ratings

The laurels have been largely equally shared between industry funds and retail master trusts in the latest Heron Quality Star Ratings released by the Heron Partnership. 

Heron analysed 113 superannuation products and assessed 83 of those as being of outstanding quality and therefore worthy of being award 5 Heron Quality Stars. 

Heron Partnership managing director, Chris Butler said that he believed the fact that 83 out of 113 products had earned a 5 star rating represented an endorsement of the overall quality of Australian superannuation funds. 

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Importantly, the funds named as having being worthy of the 5 star assessment included both major industry and retail superannuation funds. 


Outstanding Superannuation Products 

AMG Super - Corporate Super 


AMG Super - Personal Super 


AMP CustomSuper 

Local Government Super  

AMP Flexible Super (Choice) 

LUCRF Super 

AMP Flexible Super - Employer 

Macquarie Wrap - Super Accumulator 

AMP MyNorth  

Macquarie Wrap - Super and Pension Consolidator 

AMP SignatureSuper 

Macquarie Wrap - Super and Pension Manager 

AMP SignatureSuper Select 

Media Super - Employer Sponsored Account 

ANZ Smart Choice Super for employers and their employees (Employer Sponsored) 

Mercer SmartSuper Plan - Employer Section 

Asgard Elements Super 

Mercer Super Trust - Corporate Superannuation Division 

Asgard Employee Super 

Mine Super 

Asgard eWRAP Super 

MLC MasterKey Business Super 

Asgard Infinity eWRAP Super 

MLC MasterKey Super Fundamentals  

AustralianSuper Personal Plan 

MLC Navigator Retirement Plan Series 2 

AustralianSuper Plan 

MLC Wrap Super Service Series 2 

AustralianSuper Public Sector Division 

MTAA Super  

AustralianSuper Select 

netwealth Super Accelerator Core – Employer Sponsored Super 


netwealth Super Accelerator Plus – Employer Sponsored Super 

Aware Super 

netwealth Super Wrap - Employer Sponsored Super 

Bendigo SmartStart Super  

NGS Super  

BT Panorama Super  

OneAnswer Frontier Personal Super and Pension  

BT Super 

Plum Super – Corporate Division 

BT Super for Life  

Plum Super - Personal Division 

CareSuper Employee Plan 

Prime Super (Health Division) 

CareSuper Personal Plan 

Prime Super (Prime Division) 

Catholic Super 

REST Corporate  

Cbus Corporate Super 

REST Super  

Cbus Industry Super 

Russell Investments Master Trust - iQ Super - Employer 

Colonial First State FirstChoice Employer Super  

Russell Investments Master Trust - iQ Super - General 

Colonial First State FirstChoice Wholesale Personal Super  

Russell Investments Master Trust - iQ Super - Saver 

EISS Super 

smartMonday DIRECT  

Equip MyFuture 

smartMonday PRIME 

Equip MyFuture - Corporate 

Sunsuper for life 

FIRST Super 

Sunsuper for life Business 


Sunsuper for life Corporate 



Hostplus Executive 

Telstra Super - Personal Plus 

Hostplus Personal Super Plan 

UniSuper Accumulation 1 

IOOF Employer Super 

UniSuper Accumulation 2 

IOOF Personal Super 

UniSuper Personal Account 

IOOF Pursuit Focus Personal Superannuation 

VicSuper FutureSaver  

IOOF Pursuit Select Personal Superannuation 




Where MySuper Investment options were concerned, the following products were assessed as worthy of the 5 Quality Star ratings. 


Outstanding MySuper Options 

AMG Super - Corporate Super 

Intrust Super 

AMP Flexible Super - Employer 


ANZ Smart Choice Super for employers and their employees (Employer Sponsored) 

LUCRF Super 


Media Super 

Aware Super 

MTAA Super 

Bendigo SmartStart Super 

NGS Super 

BUSSQ MySuper 

Prime Super 





Club Plus Super 

Russell Investments Master Trust - iQ Super  

EISS Super 

Sunsuper for life 

Equip MyFuture 


FIRST Super 



VicSuper FutureSaver 


Vision Super - Vision Personal 

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