Intrust enables members to start SuperStream pension account

Intrust Super has launched a new service that would allow members to start a new SuperStream pension account through the industry fund’s MemberAccess online portal.

The option to ‘join pension’ would appear on the member access interface when a member reaches preservation age, the industry fund said.

Members could use a SuperStream pension account to keep their savings invested in super while they draw down an income for themselves in retirement, Intrust said.

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Intrust Super executive manager, Lawrence Chand, said this is an important service that the fund is now able to offer its members.

“There’s no longer a need to print out forms or send paperwork in the mail to set up a SuperStream account. This will save members a lot of time and a lot of effort,” he said.

When a member becomes eligible for the “join pension” option, they could simply follow the prompts and provide the required details to open a SuperStream account, Intrust said.

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