The global super funds seeing 50% returns

There are 12 super funds focused on global equities which have returned 50% or more over the 12 months to 30 April, 2021.  

According to FE Analytics, within the Australian Superannuation universe, there were over 400 super funds which identified themselves as global equity vehicles.  

Some 12 of these, representing just 3% of the sector, had returned more than 50% over the 12 months to 30 April, 2021 compared to returns by the global equity sector of 24.6%. 

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The best-performing super fund in this sector was CFS FC W PSup-Acadian W Geared Global Equity TR which returned 73.7%. 

The fund aimed to maximise risk-adjusted, long-term returns by investing in global equities and outperform the MSCI World (ex Australia) index over rolling seven-year periods. It sought equities which had “unrecognised value, as well as improving earnings prospects to help unlock that value”.   

Performance of CFS fund versus sector over one year to 30 April 2021 

Over five years to 30 April, 2021, the fund had returned 181% versus returns by the sector of 71.2% over the same period.  

Nine of the funds were offered by CFS while other strong performers were MLC MK Business Superannuation PR Capital Absolute Performance TR and MLC MK Super Fundamentals PM Capital Absolute Performance TR, which both returned 55.8%, and ANZ ASA Arrowstreet Global Equity Hedged TR which returned 51.7%.  

The eight CFS funds were CFS FC PSup-Acadian Geared Global Equity TR, CFS FC W PSup-FirstChoice Wholesale Geared Growth Plus TR, CFS FC PSup FirstChoice Geared Growth Plus TR, CFS FC W PSup-Baillie Gifford Wholesale LT Global Growth, CFS Geared Global Share Option ROSCO NEF TR and CFS FC PSup-PM Capital Global Companies TR.  

The worst-performing super fund in this sector was CFS Global Health and Biotechnology ROSCO TR which returned 1.5%, there were no funds which reported losses over the period.  

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