Consultants eager for super fund feedback

Super Review has heard from several consultants following its announcement that it will be surveying super funds on their experiences with consulting services, suggesting it’s time that funds had their voices heard in this area.

With super funds turning to consultants for an array of services, Super Review decided that there was an industry-need for an objective source of information on which consultants are best at providing which services and why.

The publication is rating which consultancies are used most, and the quality of their service, pricing and staff in asset allocation, fund selection, and tender consultancy, with the results to be published in print and online and the top consultant to be recognised at the Super Fund of the Year Awards in August.

If you work at a super fund and have engaged consultants in the past, or indeed are working with one now, please complete our survey here. It will take under ten minutes and your individual responses will not be disclosed.

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