Consultants to be rated on super services

With super funds turning to consultants for everything from asset allocation to merger advice, Super Review has decided it’s time that the consultants were held accountable for the quality of their service offering.

With almost 20 significant players in the consultancy market, ranging from the Big Four accounting firms to rating and actuarial houses to boutiques, superannuation funds face what could be called a tyranny of choice when selecting a provider.

Super Review is rating which consultancies are used most, and the quality of their service, pricing and staff in asset allocation, fund selection, and tender consultancy. This will be done in the same manner as Rate the Raters, the bi-annual market-leading survey on fund ratings houses published by Super Review’s sister publication, Money Management.

If you work at a super fund and have engaged consultants in the past, or indeed are working with one now, please complete our survey here. It will take under ten minutes and your individual responses will not be disclosed.

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