Christian Super reduces fees for diversified fund’s options

Christian Super has announced fees reduction, effective 1 July, which will see a decrease of between five to 10 basis points for all the fund’s diversified options, but fees for the low-cost Ethical Index Shares and Ethical Cash options will remain unchanged. 

The firm said it had reduced fees for the third time in two years as a part of its strategy to provide ‘’faith-aligned superannuation products and outcomes”. 

The annual fees and costs for a Christian Super member with $50,000 invested in the default My Ethical Super option were reduced from $645 to $610, contributing to an overall decrease of nearly 15% in the last two years. 

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“In a context where operating cost pressures are increasing across the industry, Christian Super is pleased to be able to deliver another fee reduction for our members,” Christian Super’ chief executive, Ross Piper said. 

“This outcome has been achieved through strong investment and member growth, coupled with close engagement with our providers to deliver improved and streamlined services.” 


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