CFS funds top sustainable super category

CFS superannuation funds have dominated returns when it comes to funds under the ‘ethical/sustainable’ category with the top fund returning 2.66% so far this year, according to data. 

According to FE Analytics, three out of the top five performing ‘ethical/sustainable’ funds were CFS funds, since the start of the year to 31 August, 2020. 

The top performing fund was CFS FC Wholesale PersonalSuper Stewart Investors Wholesale Worldwide Sustainability fund at 2.66%.  

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This was followed by  CFS FC ESuper Stewart Investors Worldwide Sustainability at 2.39%, OnePath OA Frontier PS-Stewart Investors Worldwide Sustainability at 2.35%, CFS FC Personal Super Stewart Investors Worldwide Sustainability at 2.29%, and Australian Ethical Conservative at 2.01%. 

According to its factsheet, the CFS FC Wholesale PersonalSuper Stewart Investors Wholesale Worldwide Sustainability fund had its largest sector allocation towards healthcare at 30.8%, followed by IT (25.7%), consumer staples (18.1%), industrials (12.4%), and materials (5.1%). 

The fund was focused on investing in companies under three categories – sustainable goods and services, responsible finance, and required infrastructure.  

Top performing ethical/sustainable super funds since start of 2020 to 31 August 2020 

Source: FE Analytics 

On the other end of the scale, it was AMP super funds that returned the worst with AMP Flexible Super Super AMP Australian Share at a loss of 7.2%. 

This was followed by SignatureSuper AMP Australian Share (-6.8%), SignatureSuper AMP Australian Share (-6.8%), MLC MK Super Fundamentals Perpetuals Wholesale Ethical SRI (-5.3%), and MK Business Superannuation Perpetuals Wholesale Ethical SRI (-5.3%). 

Over the five years to 31 August, 2020, two First Sentier funds again topped the charts, with CFS FC W Personal Super – Generation Wholesale Global Share returning the most at 83.96%.  

This was followed by CFS FC Personal Super – Generation Global Share at 80.9%Australian Ethical Smaller Companies at 69.79%, OnePath PA Frontier Personal Super Walter Scott Global Equity Hedged at 65.73%, and ANZ Smart Choice Super Walter Scott Global Equity Hedged at 65.23%. 



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