Cbus Super launches new investment options

The largest super fund for the building and construction industry, Cbus Super, has announced the launch of the new six investment options from next month.

The fund, which is currently targeting growth to $150 billion, would grow its investment options to 11 with the addition of a new Growth Plus option, a low-cost Indexed Diversified option, as well as options for overseas shares, Australian shares, property and diversified fixed interest.

Growth Plus would sit between Growth and High Growth portfolios while Indexed Diversified would reflect the demand for passive products within super and sit at the riskier end of the scale.

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According to its chief investment officer, Kristian Fok, the new options were launched with the merger and corporate superannuation markets “specifically in mind”.

“We do see that a market, particularly in the corporate space, is there for a wider range of choice options. That’s why we have spent the last 12 months carefully constructing and testing our new menu of options for members,” he said.

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