Australian owned infrastructure and property attractive for super funds

LGIAsuper has committed to continued investments in Australian-owned private infrastructure and property assets which remain attractive due as they offer investors ability to look beyond the short term and ultimately generate higher returns.

The super fund, which has around $24 billion in member savings under management, said some of its key infrastructure investments included the nation’s busiest airports and land which is home to the theme parks.

LGIAsuper and Energy Super deputy chief investments officer, Kevin Wan Lum said: “We invest in Australia and other markets privately in assets which are not available to invest via share markets, along with providing some further diversification of risk and returns.

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“Good examples of these types of investments in Australia include infrastructure including airports such as Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Perth Airport, major seaports such as ports in Brisbane, Melbourne and Portland along with large office and shopping centre investments across the eastern seaboard.”

LGIAsuper/Energy Super also had private investments in Australian businesses such as Flavorite, Affinity Education, and Stone Axe Pastoral.

Additionally, LGIAsuper said it was working on the next stage in its growth – the acquisition of Suncorp’s superannuation business, Suncorp Portfolio Services Limited (SPSL). This was due to be completed in the first half of 2022.

The combined funds would have about 250,000 members and around $30 billion under management.

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