AIST defends keeping super on payslips

Superannuation should continue to be compulsorily included on employee pay slips, according to the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST).

The AIST has responded to a Treasury paper proposing the removal of the requirement to argue that superannuation represents a significant and integral component of an employee's total remuneration and therefore justification inclusion in pay slips.

Commenting on the issue, AIST chief executive, Tom Garcia said super was workers' money and including it on payslips should be no different than including details of take-home pay.

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Further, he said he believed inclusion of such information was important part of the transparency of compulsory super system.

Garcia said that including superannuation contributions on payslips empowered workers to ask questions of their employers and hold them accountable to legal requirements.

He cited recent research showing there were still a significant number of employers who were not meeting their superannuation guarantee and claimed that a payslip was an important tool to keep employers honest and remind employees of their entitlements.

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