Active Super launches retail booster program

Active Super has launched a Super Booster reward program in association with retailers.

The service would be available in more than 250 retailers including The Iconic and BWS, in 2,000 locations nationwide and enable members to receive a percentage of their purchase value added to their superannuation balance.

Percentages varied from 2%-25% of the value of the transaction and was paid for by retailers rather than the members.

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Active Super had launched the program in partnership with fintech firm Loyalty Boomerang and had exclusive rights for 12 months.

Chantal Walker, chief member experience and growth officer for Active Super, said: “We’re excited to be giving back to our members by launching the Super Booster initiative in partnership with Loyalty Boomerang and some of Australia’s most popular retailers.

“What makes Super Booster simple is that it is a ‘set and forget’ program, meaning our members can use it on the go, in-store or online, and get rewarded. The Active Super Booster is hassle-free, requiring little effort from members to redeem their rewards. They do not have to scan a loyalty card or log onto a website, so members can boost their super balance easily and simply.”

Active Super was currently exploring a merger with Vision Super. 

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