Hostplus offers SMSFs option to invest in super fund

Hostplus has continued its efforts to engage with self-managed super funds (SMSFs) to help retain and grow its funds under management (FUM), launching a product that would allow SMSF investors to become unit holders in the industry fund’s investment options.

In addition to giving SMSF investors access to the institutional-size investments and the benefits of the scale of a large fund, the Self-Managed Invest (SMI) option aimed to reduce administrative, compliance and reporting responsibilities for trustees.

SMSF investors would initially have access to six of Hostplus’ 23 investment options; its balanced, indexed balanced, Australian infrastructure and industry super property trust – Australian property unlisted options, diversified infrastructure, and diversified property offerings.

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The super fund piloted the SMI solution last year, with scores of SMSF investors putting money into the fund, and Hostplus group executive, member experience, Paul Watson, said that these trials had gone well.

“These early investors have been particularly complementary of our onboarding and initial investment registration solution, which is entirely digital and more frictionless than completing paper-based application forms and the like,” he said.

He added that the time was particularly suited to SMSF investors looking to put assets into larger funds: “In light of the recent and various reviews of the financial services sector and superannuation, and the focus on the asset concentration, investment performance and other risks often involved in managing a SMSF, we believe our SMI solution assists SMSF investors to manage some of those risks while seeking to improve their cost effectiveness and investment performance outcomes.”

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