Gold, silver dominate big ticket items in SMSFs

Gold and silver hauls have dominated the big ticket items held in self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs), according to the latest SuperConcepts Investment Patterns report, with the biggest gold and silver hauls valued at $245,000 and $306,117 respectively.

The report, which analysed 2450 SMSF funds with assets totalling $3.2 billion for Q3-4 2018, also found the highest value art work was $16,500 and the highest single value exotic asset was $245,000.

SuperConcepts analyst, Phil LaGreca, said gold and silver were considered safe investment options, as they sustain demand and tend to retain their value even during economic downturn.

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“They can be volatile in the short term but gold and silver have always maintained their value in the long term because they are tangible unlike shares,” he said.

According to LaGreca, over the past 16 years gold has increased 260 per cent in value, and silver increased over 220 per cent, so investors have experience good capital gains from the assets.

The SuperConcepts analyst also said artwork was a common tangible investment among SMSFs, but given the art market was flat at the moment, investors would need to wait several years before they recover their former values.

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