Will the spice of Rice continue beyond Deloitte?

So, with eponymous actuarial consultancy Rice Warner being rolled into Deloitte, Rollover is wondering how many client overlaps will need to be rationalised?

It has been Rollover’s experience that many superannuation funds have not bothered to choose between Deloitte or Rice Warner but have often decided to use both depending on the nature of the project at hand so the client lists for both outfits would be remarkably similar.

Rollover knows that Rice Warner founder, Michael Rice, will continue to contribute to his firm beyond the Deloitte transaction, but he wonders how long the separate branding will remain in existence.

He also wonders whether Rice Warner will be allowed to continue with publishing its regular analyses of the state of the superannuation industry in the somewhat more constrained environment that is Deloitte.

On the upside, however, at least Deloitte superannuation partner, Russell Mason and Rice Warner chief executive, Andrew Boal, have known each other a very long time.

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