When the Vanguard fails to advance

As a history buff, Rollover is well-aware of the importance of the role the vanguard plays in a military force, as the leader at the front of battle.

Which is why Rollover found it ironic that Vanguard, the well-known leader in ETFs and managed investments, has delayed the launch of Vanguard Super until 2022.

The launch has been a hot topic in the super industry; after all, it is another big player joining in a time of consolidation, but it is also already one of the largest holders of securities on the ASX.

As an avid super industry aficionado, or as one might say part of the vanguard of super industry news, Rollover is quite excited to see how this will play out.

Rollover has found 2021 to have no shortage of headlines in the super space, with the Your Future, Your Super reforms having been put into action which included the inaugural performance test, and he expects with a Federal Election due there will be no rest for the industry next year.

Given Vanguard’s successful track record, Rollover is sure it will do fine and the delay was likely the most appropriate option under the circumstances, and he waits excitedly to see how the launch will play out next year. 

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