The reality of mergers

With rainy weather abound in Sydney, Rollover was sat in front of his TV watching the smorgasbord of niche documentaries free-to-air has to offer.

From giga factories to shipping logistics to even our own metro system being built, it seems like a documentary can be made about anything.

This led to Rollover wondering why there is yet to be a documentary series about the high-stake world of superannuation fund mergers.

After all, it has been one of the hot topics in our industry this year and will continue to in the coming years.

With an election due too, there will be no shortage of drama in the industry next year either. One such likely political football, EISS Super, would be the prime candidate as the prudential regulator has not been at all subtle about the fund’s need to merge.

Speaking of the prudential regulator, Rollover wonders how much of the spotlight APRA board member, Margaret Cole, will be comfortable taking.

Given her keen interest in the equine, Rollover hopes Cole has an affinity for the extravagant. 

Rollover can imagine the scene of Cole riding in on her beloved horse, Liam, as two super funds wait on a podium to learn the fate of the regulator’s approval for a merger.

It’s the sort of TV that will glue eyeballs to the screen and Rollover is waiting for offers from TV producers as you read this.

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