Difficult diagnosis even for a doctor

Rollover is inclined to doff his cap to Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia chief executive, Dr Martin Fahy, in circumstances where so far as anyone can tell he is the only one in financial services wanting to do a physical annual conference in 2020.

Now, Rollover and the whole crew at Super Review will be the first to admit that ASFA has laid on some of the best and most well-attended financial services conferences in Australia over the past two decades, but in these COVID-19 days and with the Queensland border still closed, Rollover wonders whether the November Brisbane conference is a wise idea.

What Rollover thinks Dr Fahy needs to take into account is that a high proportion of delegates will originate from the industry superannuation funds in Melbourne and that, at the time of writing, Rollover had noted that even a strong no-borders advocate such as the NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian is advising New South Welshmen to give Melbournians a wide birth.

Of course, not unlike the US Presidential election, the November ASFA conference remains a long way off, but Rollover suggests the organisers start canvassing how it can be translated to digital, notwithstanding the likely significant loss in revenue.

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