CFS launches campaign to ‘rethink retirement’

Colonial First State (CFS) has launched a marketing campaign to encourage Australians to rethink their retirement from a perceived ending to an opportunity to enjoy their later years.

The ‘Unleash Your Second Half’ campaign would aim to encourage Australians to view retirement as the beginning of their second half of their life, not necessarily defined by what they did in their first half.

Todd Stevenson, CFS chief customer officer, said the campaign recognised that retirement was not what it used to be for many Australians.

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“When planned for, it can be an exciting new time of personal growth, achievement, and purpose. A time when people often have more freedom to pursue things that are meaningful to them, but not necessarily what they did in their first half,” he said.

“CFS wants to celebrate that and help Australians make it as great as it should be and recognise the important role that a financial adviser can play.”

The campaign would ask Australian pre-retirees ‘What do you want to do when you grow up?’

CFS said: “It’s a question normally asked of the young but is given surprising new relevance when put to ambitious Australians about to embark on their second half. Each character we see in the TV commercial has a vision for their future that will give them as much, if not more, purpose than their working life.

“By planning for retirement, these ‘second halves’, which have been nurtured throughout people’s lives, can finally be unleashed, allowing each to thrive in a new way.”

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