VicSuper launches Reconciliation plan

VicSuper has launched its Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) aimed at developing stronger partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and working towards better outcomes for those communities.

The RAP dictates how the fund would assess its operations through the lens of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, and would also build awareness and engagement within the VicSuper team.

Michael Dundon, chief executive of VicSuper, said the fund was committed to promoting and facilitating reconciliation through the RAP by building relationships, respect and trust between the fund, its members and stakeholders, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

“We’re implementing a RAP because we recognise that some of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members face unique challenges when it comes to their super savings,” he said. “Being aware of this will help us to provide quality service that’s relevant to their needs, so that they can achieve better retirement outcomes – which is what VicSuper is all about.”

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