TAL seeks to improve awareness of life insurance value

Many Australians don’t see the benefit in life insurance products until it’s time to make a claim, leading TAL to launch a digital campaign seeking to engage customers with the value of such products.

The Value of You campaign aimed to highlight the role these products played in consumers’ lives, featuring videos of Australians telling their loved ones what they meant to them. This was intended to contrast to the value they placed on objects such as their house, cars and possessions, presumably as these were areas of insurance with which people were more likely to engage.

“’The Value of You’ was designed to tackle that challenge [of disengagement] by revealing to people that their most valuable asset is – themselves – by enabling them to see their own value through the eyes of those they love most,” TAL’s chief customer and brand officer, Alex Homer, said of the campaign.

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“Our metrics show that the ‘Value of You’ campaign played an important role in driving an uplift in category consideration, engaging millions of Australians across the country with their own value and connecting them with the important emotional contribution they make to the lives of their families and loved ones.”

Homer believed that consumers’ disconnect with the value of life insurance stemmed from the fact that the times they needed to claim on the products were fewer, even though they were more significant, than other insurance types.

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