REI Super partners with Laneway Analytics

Data analytics fintech Laneway Analytics have announced a partnership agreement with REI Super to power new analytics and insights capabilities for the real estate industry superannuation fund.

This latest agreement for Laneway Analytics would see its data insights platform Provident Lane and AI-driven analytics portal Luci implemented at REI Super to provide a new level of detail around membership trends and behaviours.

REI Super would complete its production rollout for the Laneway Analytics platform within a four-week timeframe.

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The innovation behind Provident Lane created a secure, scalable analytics platform designed specifically for superannuation funds.

It would help super funds harness data daily to deliver high performance insights, including fund membership over time; acquisition, retention and churn profiling; marketing campaign impact analysis and detection propensity modelling.

The implementation would see Luci utilised for the first time in an Australian super fund.

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