New staff to help Metlife innovate

MetLife Insurance has made two new senior appointments in a staff shake-up aiming to help the company revolutionise its innovation and strengthen its prospective sales.

Former KPMG innovation manager, Brenton Charnley, has been appointed as senior manager of innovation at MetLife, with Alex Kleiman assuming the position of business-to-business sales and head of the Melbourne office.

Charnley will be tasked with retaining and improving customer experience and customer journey within the company, while Kleiman, who was formerly with Mercer, will aim to drive MetLife's new business sales and acquisition efforts.

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MetLife Australia chief executive, Deanne Stewart, was confident that the changes in staffing would equip the company with the necessary standpoint for furthering the company's innovation sector.

"Over the past two years, we've continued to expand our talent pool of senior executives to support a growing number of key clients and prospects," she said.

"Given our business vision and commitment to innovation, we're excited... to help further ingrain a culture of innovation in MetLife's DNA."

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