Mine Wealth CEO to depart

Mine Wealth + Wellbeing chief executive, Bruce Watson, will be leaving the fund over the coming months after 10 years at the helm and 23 years with the fund.

"After achieving substantially more for the organisation than expected over the last 10 years it's time to find my next opportunity to create value through developing and aligning people with the organisation's strategy," Watson said.  

Commenting on his departure, board chair, Grahame Kelly, said during Watson's time as CEO, the fund had matured and had become a strategically aligned, high-performing organisation.

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"Since Bruce became CEO in 2005, the fund has grown from $3.5 billion in funds under management (FUM) and 51,000 members to almost $10 billion in FUM and 74,000 members," Kelly said.

"Bruce has positioned the recently rebranded fund for growth. Mine Wealth + Wellbeing now offers members and their families a range of innovative products and services which aim to support them as they grow through life."

The board is currently searching for a replacement CEO of the mining fund and will be considering internal and external candidates.

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