IRESS launches new client portal

IRESS has launched its new client portal, available through XPLAN, to provide a front-end solution for client engagement.

The new portal would offer portfolio asset allocation and performance data, assets and liabilities breakdown, secure messages and documents, digital signatures, and a range of templated website designs.

IRESS product executive, Emily Chen, said today’s financial services businesses need to deliver a professional and personalised digital experience to their clients that offers an accurate perspective of their investments and financial life.

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“Client portals are becoming increasingly vital to financial services businesses as they seek to improve their service by offering their clients more personalised and convenient self-service access,” she said.

Chen said IRESS identified a gap in the market for client portals that focus on delivering core services like secure communication methods for advisers and clients.

“An increasing public focus on data breaches has highlighted the importance of doing business securely,” she said. “Convenience is another major driver in improving engagement with consumers, who expect to interact with brands easily, using the device they prefer.”

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