Integrity releases product enhancements

Integrity Life has rolled out nine changes to its products in its latest technology release, including allowed clients more power over their insurance inside super ownership.

The enhancements, which were available with immediate effect, would see clients given choice over ownership types, including within superannuation, allowing them to split and combine covers across personal, business, super and self-managed superannuation (SMSF) offerings. They would also be able to select a two-year waiting period on income insurance in exchange for a reduced premium.

On the planner side, the changes would enable advisers to nominate others to split their commission with and align ownership with advised strategies as a result of portal and system developments.

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In terms of insurance cover itself, Integrity would now waive the premium for its care support package in certain circumstances and also offer a new critical illness relapse option, which would allow cover to be reset after 12 months when purchasing critical illness policies.

In a pitch toward healthier consumers, the provider also introduced Life+, which offered reduced pricing for insureds who had body mass indices from 18 - 25 (considered a healthy weight range), had never smoked and had no conditions that could result in a loading. Integrity anticipated this would apply to 30 per cent of new applicants.

Integrity Life managing director, Chris Powell, said that these changes proved how nimble the company was and its commitment to continually improving its product and service offerings to both advisers and consumers.

 “Being unconstrained by legacy systems and making full use of the best technology available means our focus can be on continual improvement,” he said.

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