Equip builds algorithm-guided communications

Following the announcement of the launch of its new mobile designed website last month, Equipsuper will now work on delivering web content based on behavioural analytics as calculated in algorithm-guided practices.

Equip executive officer of strategic marketing and communications, Geoff Brooks, said that the next 12 months would see the company using algorithm-driven marketing communications to design member specific segments to its website.

"The next phase of our web development will largely be ‘under the hood'," he said.

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"Information on our segments will be loaded onto the web platform over the next two months, so that we can push timely and relevant content to individuals according to their recent activity as well as their behavioural type."

Equip will work alongside research specialists from CoreData to map annual survey outcomes and identify customer behaviour patterns which could produce as insight into customer behaviour and how best to customise it.

Brookes said that a surprising early find from customer ratings was that the younger members of Equip tended to be the most engaged.

"It illustrates the power of behavioural analysis. Our younger members... are among our most actively engaged," he said.

"It identifies them as extremely important drivers of future growth and retention."

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