ANZ launches Pathways to Better campaign

ANZ has launched a campaign to showcase its activity in the insurance, superannuation and advice industries over OnePath’s 140-year history, aiming to illustrate the enduring strength of the brand’s service and culture.

The Pathways to Better campaign would highlight ANZ’s shared pathway with advisers to deliver better products and relationships, in what ANZ Wealth group executive, Alexis George, described as a “brand promise.”

“Our business is based on strong and enduring partnerships with advisers and their customers. We want to celebrate this as well as recognising our rich shared history and sustainable future,” she said.

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“It’s easy to focus on brand names or product features and enhancements. But while they are important, at the heart of this campaign is celebrating the enduring focus and expertise of our people and the work they do each day to create an even better experience for advisers, members and customers. I believe this is what makes our service proposition unique.”

The campaign would highlight activities including those of OneView Life, OneAnswer and APEX’s delivery of education, insights and support to advisers.

Pathways to Better would run from March to September.

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