Actuaries Institute appoints new president

Former vice president Daniel Smith has been appointed 2014 president at the Actuaries Institute.

He will be working with incoming chief executive officer David Bell to educate businesses and government around the long-term value of actuaries for a range of challenges.

"As well as maintaining a strong representation in traditional areas such as insurance, actuaries are increasingly shifting into non-traditional areas such as banking, data analytics, media strategy, natural resources and public health," Smith said.

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"These will be key areas we address in 2014, supported by refreshed education and development programs."

Bell was appointed as Actuaries Institute CEO last year. He was previously chief executive at Australian Bankers' Association.

Smith will be joined by former Actuary of the Year Estelle Pearson as senior vice president and Lindsay Smartt as vice president.

He replaces former president John Newman at the Institute.

Smith is a member of the Actuaries Institute Council and is a director of actuarial consulting and analytics firm Taylor Fry.

Pearson was appointed senior vice president this year and is poised to be Institute president in 2015. She is currently councillor of the Actuaries Institute and a managing director of actuarial and insurance consultants Finity.

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