MetLife launches digital claims tracker with MTAA Super

A newly-developed digital claims tracker will complement MetLife’s existing claims team and provide increased clarity and efficiency for clients looking to track the progress of claims, according to its AVP customer strategy and innovation.

MetLife Australia has launched its new digital technology in conjunction with MTAA Super across desktop, mobile and tablet devices, to expand claimants’ ability to track claims in real time.

MetLife AVP customer strategy and innovation, Jeremy Simmons, said: “While clarity and efficiency are key benefits of the digital claims tracker, it’s ultimately about providing choice”.

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“Many claimants are going through difficult times, and what came through strongly when we tested the digital claims tracker was the value they place on being able to keep up to speed with their claims process,” he said.

MetLife would look to roll out enhancements to the initial offering including SMS alerts in the coming months.

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