AIST announces partnership with MetLife

The Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST) has announced a two-year partnership with MetLife.

This would see the insurer become the principal partner with AIST and its exclusive life insurance partner.

It would also serve as a way for the two organisations to promote insurance within superannuation and see the organisations host bespoke events to educate members on life insurance.

Richard Nunn, chief executive of MetLife, said: “We see a strong alignment of values between our two organisations and our new partnership will allow us to connect with even more industry and profit-to-member funds, which are already a core part of our business.

“Together we will be advocating for insurance inside super, which is such an important part of our superannuation system, providing financial protection for people throughout their lives. We’re excited to partner with AIST to build on the work both our organisations have been doing to support superannuation trustees, funds and members.”

Eva Scheerlinck, chief executive of AIST, added: “This new partnership with MetLife will be a great opportunity for us to further support our members by engaging more with, and building a greater understanding of the role of, life insurance.

“The workforce continues to undergo significant change and insurance in super needs to keep pace with these changes. Insurance in super is a lifeline for so many, who find themselves in life changing situations, and we are proud to be partnering with MetLife to ensure that insurance products and services continue to be fit for purpose and deliver great value for super fund members.”

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