TelstraSuper makes responsible stewardship commitment

TelstraSuper has signed onto the Australian Asset Owner Stewardship Code, aimed at increasing the transparency and accountability of stewardship activities in Australia.

Under the Code, signatories must publish a Stewardship Statement on their website explaining how they meet the six stewardship principles it imposes. TelstraSuper already met the broad requirements of all six, but would be enhancing disclosure as part of a commitment to continuous improvement.

The fund’s chief executive, Graeme Miller, said that it took its stewardship responsibilities seriously and was proud to share that work with members.

“TelstraSuper has long recognised the role super funds must play in engaging with companies to shape their behaviour on key issues such as governance, climate change and gender diversity,” Miller said. “Signing on to the Asset Owners Code demonstrates our commitment to increased transparency and accountability around this work.”



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