LGS upgraded in seven UNPRI categories

Local Government Super (LGS) has scored highly on its responsible investment performance in an assessment by the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI).

In its 2020 report, the superannuation fund was upgraded in seven categories and received the top A+ score in a total of 11 categories.

The areas where the fund improved year-on-year were fixed income – sovereign, supernational and agencies, fixed income – corporate financial, fixed income – corporate non-financial, fixed income – securitised, private equity, infrastructure and listed shares-incorporation. In the other categories, it retained its A+ rating from 2019.

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There was a significant improvement for the fund in the listed shares – incorporation category specifically where it rose from E in 2019 to A+ in 2020.

Phil Stockwell, chief executive of LGS, said: “The UNPRI assessment report is an important measure of how well we are implementing our responsible investment strategy across the portfolio. The A+ score for strategy and governance reflects our commitment and the quality of the work we do managing long-term environmental, social and governance risks for the benefit of our members and the community”.

Source: LGS

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