Insto investors targeted by regenerative agri business play

Institutional investors are part of the target market for a new agricultural investment company aimed at restoring Australia’s landscape and addressing climate change – Packhorse Pastoral Company. 

What is more Packhorse is being chaired by Hyperion Asset Management chair, Tim Samway. 

Packhorse Pastoral is describing itself as a regenerative agri-business and is seeking to raise $300 million to deploy mass-scale restoration of Australia’s rural land that will support the Australian beef industry. 

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It is claiming that as an upside for investors, it will also be launching large programs to sequester carbon in rejuvenated soil and generate lucrative carbon credits in a market predicted to be worth $8.5 billion by 2027. 

The company’s initial share offering represents the first step in its objective to raise $1.5 billion over the next five years, with the company restricting its offering to sophisticated investors. 

Commenting on the launch of the business, Samway said it was aimed at building the leading land custodian, land restoration and beef supply chain business in the world. 

“Increasingly we’re seeing a demand from institutions and wholesale investors for responsible investment products,” he said. 

“Packhorse’s deep sector knowledge in agri-business operations and asset management along with its vast experience managing some of Australia’s largest pastoral supply chains coupled with its fund-raising ability, makes us well-positioned to build scale and become a significant voice in the preservation of the Australian rural landscape.”  

The chief executive of Packhorse is the former general manger of Macquarie Bank’s Paraway Pastoral Company, Geoff Murrell. 

Packhorse’s current land under management is located in the prime Roma belt district of Queensland and an initial capital raising of $300m will secure a pipeline of agricultural assets located between Coffs Harbour and Bundaberg.  

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