Meat industry fund looks for lower volatility

The Meat Industry Employees' Superannuation Fund (MIESF) has included the AllianceBernstein Managed Volatility Equities Fund in a bid to reduce volatility in members' portfolio.  

The fund invests mostly in Australian equities and is suitable for investors wanting lower volatility, reduced downside risk in falling equity markets, the prospect of long-term capital growth and some income, including franked Australian dividend income. 

The fund looks to reduce volatility by spotting and investing in high-quality listed equity securities that have reasonable valuations, cash flows and relatively stable share prices. 

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"While likely to lag the market during upturns, the fund is expected to benefit from the so-called 'low volatility paradox'," AllianceBernstein said in a statement. 

Chief investment officer of MIESF Mary McLaughlin said the super fund also wants to deliver lower-volatility investment performance in order to avoid sequencing risk for members around retirement.

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