Investors still believe in the UK real economy

Despite Brexit, investors still believe in the UK real economy and ranked this market third, after the US and Australia, for countries with the most potential for private infrastructure over five years, according to the EDHEC Infrastructure Institute survey.

According to the one of the largest infrastructure investor surveys, Brexit had barely impacted the UK’s top investment destination status for infrastructure investors.

This was a strong signal that long-term investors would continue to believe in the credibility of the UK infrastructure sector and the viability of the British economy in the medium term.

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EDHECinfra director, Frederic Blanc-Brude, said: “Perhaps 'no deal' is a good deal for infrastructure investors. This survey combines the opinions of large, sophisticated institutional investors that have to take a view on post-Brexit UK.

“Together, the asset owners alone represent more than 10 per cent of global assets under management.

“The UK has long been one of the most active markets for infrastructure investment and represents one third of the EDHECinfra Broad Market Equity Index Universe of unlisted infrastructure companies,” he said.

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