GBST makes mobile hire

GBST has married its mobile focus and the convergence of its capital markets and wealth management operations under a new role - head of market access and mobility.

Former head of product, wealth management, Damien Dipietro will fill the position after proposing a mobile strategy via its leadership development program. He previously managed GBST's flagship application Composer.

GBST chief executive, wealth management Robert DeDominicis said the company was working on a number of mobile applications and saw a growing trend towards the expansion of mobile services. He said Dipietro would coordinate the development of applications across different systems.

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"Damien has shown in his previous role as head of product for the Composer platform that he could foster innovation because of his in-depth knowledge of our products and services and how they relate to one another and the market," he said.

Dipietro started with infocomp in 1998 and stuck with the company through its merger with GBST.

The new role sits across GBST's capital markets and wealth management teams and reflects GBST's position on the convergence of both markets.

"We're try to bring some synergies and commonality across what we're doing on the wealth side with what we're doing on the capital market side because generally, GBST sees those two markets as being together," Dipietro said.

Dipietro said new reponsibilities would include supporting the roll-out of new web technologies and making it easier for clients to plug-in to the GBST network.

He said the company wanted to create legacy systems solutions and allow advisers and other markets to plug-in to data and back-office functions through simpler, cleaner interfaces.

"We think by having the back-ends and that mobility coming through the one vendor, there's going to be some nice sort of synergies and efficiencies to come out of that - I'm really looking at how we make that data in the back-office accessible to the mobile strategy," he said.

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