Investor confidence up 5.8 points

Global investor confidence was up 5.8 points in September to 95.5 thanks to more optimism on Asia, according to State Street Global Exchange (SSGX).  

The State Street Investor Confidence Index (ICI) found the Asian ICI was increased from 105.9 to 118.6, the North American ICI rose from 89.6 to 92.3, but the European ICI decreased from 86.8 to 84.9.

SSGX executive vice president and chief innovation officer, Jessica Donohue, said: "Globally, institutional investor confidence remains weak in September, in line with a subdued economic outlook and persistent low inflation".

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"Regionally, inaction by the European Central Bank has prompted stock market volatility and has dented European sentiment even further," she said.

"Meanwhile, investors are more optimistic on Asia, likely encouraged by continued policy support in China."

Co-developer of the index, Kenneth Froot, said North American institutional investors remained risk averse despite the more optimistic outlook for the economy and the Fed's assessment of the near-term risks to be roughly balanced.

"It appears that much of the risk sentiment is influenced by the US politics, with the focus shifting to the upcoming presidential election and its implications," Froot said.

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