The Digitization of Alternatives

Artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and the need for better data management are driving the digitization of alternatives. In this three-part webinar series, our panel of experts discuss the evolving landscape for alternative assets, and how emerging technologies are changing the way these assets are serviced.

 Learn about:

  • The impact of AI capabilities on alts investing;
  • Regulatory and ethical implications that accompany the adoption of new technologies;
  • Why blockchain has the reputation of a disruptive technology and how that applies to alternatives;
  • Fundamental changes in the marketplace and understanding where decentralized finance fits; and
  • What to do with all the data available and the associated challenges, including the implications for security concerns and other risk.

As asset owners are increasing their alternative allocations they are looking for streamlined solutions to long endured challenges. Learn more about the tech transformation happening in alternative asset servicing and considerations when adopting them into an investment strategy.

Watch The Digitalization of Alternatives Webinar Series



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